'Are you the company that puts jewellery in candles?’ We get asked this question a lot, especially after our appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Christmas Special episode. And yes, we’re known for making scented candles delightfully different.

Our journey began in 2014 with the idea of creating soy wax candles with a piece of jewellery inside, a unique concept that makes for the best birthday gift, the perfect Christmas present or just a nice way to spoil yourself. Not long after we started this journey, we introduced jewellery bath bombs to our family, redefining your self-care routine.

We pride ourselves in using the finest ingredients that are kind to your home, our planet and even the unicorns (we don’t test on animals, period).


We want our products to inspire and delight fragrance lovers and gift givers alike. Creating scented memories is what we do best. We’re dedicated to designing high-quality, on trend products and to transform something ordinary into an experience you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

Ready for a new experience?


Our lovely candles are poured by hand using natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and quality fragrances to ensure an even and clean burn. Designed with a modern, elegant look, the luxurious containers fit perfectly into any decor and are a great conversation starter.

From beautiful aromas, unique designs and a surprising jewel concept, we’re showing off the best a candle has to offer. The next-generation of candles is here!


Our playful, vegan bath bombs are handmade in small batches using fresh and 99% natural ingredients carefully selected to indulge and moisturise your skin.

Invigorating, uplifting and skin softening, our bath bombs come with a hidden jewel inside that will make each soak surprisingly fun.

As a company, we pride ourselves in providing products that have not been tested on animals, and we make sure that our suppliers follow the same ideology.