Online Kit (£39.99) (£27.99)

  • Earn 25% commission on personal sales
  • Get 20% discounts on personal purchases
  • FREE online store included
  • Be your own BOSS, work from where you want, when you want
  • Sell entirely through your OWN Online Store (or in person)
  • Training library, promotional materials included
  • Access to earning graphics and orders database
  • Bonuses and prizes to reward your hard work
  • Automated platform- WE make, WE ship and YOU EARN
  • Commissions paid once a month directly through your account
  • First 2 Months No Minimum Quota
  • NO administration fees
  • VIP access to consultant-only sales

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Rep Pack (£99.99)

  • 25% commission on personal sales
  • 20% discounts on ALL purchases
  • FREE Online Store included
  • Full Suite Virtual Back Office
  • Access to earning graphics and orders database
  • Bonuses and prizes to reward your hard work
  • 10 Tri-Folded Brochures
  • 25 Presentation Brochures
  • 50 Order Forms
  • 1 Full Size Classic Collection Candle
  • 1 Full Size Bath Salts
  • 1 Full Size Bath Bomb
  • 20 Soy Wax Melts
  • 5 Thank You Cards
  • 1 Ambassador Certificate
  • First 2 Months No Minimum Quota
  • NO administration fees
  • VIP access to consultant-only products

Get Paid Instantly

Yes, you are getting paid instantly once a month. You simply have to choose your preferred account and you can leave the rest to us. You will have access to real time updates of your earnings and a graphic of your growing sales. We will make it, ship it and you just focus on having fun.

Sell it online or in person

You are your own boss, so YOU choose the way you would love to grow your business.We are here to guide you through our best resources to achieve success. We will give you your own online store that will be fully administrated and updated by us with you having to focus only on earning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen after I purchase my Online Kit?

Upon purchasing your Online Kit you will await the approval of our team. Once approved as an Official Representative of Imperial Candles you will be asked to follow a few steps to activate your online store.

You will gain access to a “Back Office” where the following will be included:

• Marketing materials
• Training Library
• News Updates
• VIP Contests / Products
• Earning Graphics
• Order database
• Resources

Are there eligibility restrictions in becoming a Consultant?

To be eligible to participate in the Imperial Ambassador Program you will have to be at least 18 years old, resident of UK or EU and not be an active official Representative/Promoter of another brand with a similar product.

Will I receive samples/products?

At the moment you can become a Consultant for Imperial Candles by purchasing an Online Kit, which doesn’t include any samples or products.

Upon purchasing the kit, you will get access to samples at discounted prices or you will be able to win different products through our competitions, and use them for promotion if you prefer the “face to face” approach.

Is there a minimum quota?

The first 2 months there will be NO minimum quota. Starting with the 3rd month you will need to reach £100 in sales (equivalent of 3 candles sold).

What happens if I don’t reach the minimum quota in my 3rd month?

If in the 3rd month the £100 minimum quota won’t be reached through sales you can complete the remaining balance through personal purchases using your Rep Account and maintain your account active.

Alternatively, your account will be closed with NO extra charge

Will I be charged if I don’t reach the minimum quota?

No, Imperial Candles will NOT charge you. We will simply close your Rep Account.

Are there any administration fees?

There are no administration fees. The maintenance of your online website will be provided for FREE.  

Who is dealing with the distribution?

By becoming a Consultant for Imperial Candles you will not have to deal with the dispatch.

Your customer can place the order on your personal online store (which is provided by us) and we will hand make and dispatch the products on your behalf. This way you will have to focus on your business and not worry about anything else.

How will my online store look like?

Your online store will be a replicate of the official Imperial Candles’ website with the difference that your Rep information (rep name, personal social media links, personal email) will be displayed instead. This way your customer will know that he purchased from a Representative’s Website.

How will I be allowed to promote?

You will be able to promote your business/online store through the social media platforms using either the marketing materials provided by us or your own.  You can also promote in person at trade fairs, parties or different events.

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